Information pertaining to delays or closings due to adverse weather is provided to the listed local media sources. While every effort is made to provide this information to the media as quickly as possible and in an accurate format, we cannot guarantee the timeliness or method of posting that the various local media uses. The State's current advisory website is kept up-to-date with information pertaining to delays or closings due to adverse weather. For those without computers we recommend that you check with your agency to determine if it has a back-up or other recommended methods to obtain this information. (Please remember to refresh your computer when viewing the website.)

Note: Stations below are linked to the their official website
Radio Television
WJBR - 99.5 (FM) WMDT - TV 47
EAGLE - 97.7 (FM) WBOC - TV 16
WRDX - 94.7 (FM)
WSTW - 93.7 (FM)
WGMD - 92.7 (FM)
WILM - 1450 (AM)
WDOV - 1410 (AM)