Classification and Compensation

Responsible for policies, procedures and guidance regarding classification, position management and competitive compensation. Our office works in collaboration with the Budget Office to maintain all pay tables in accordance with the Annual Budget Bill.
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EEO and Diversity

Our goal is to advance the State of Delaware's commitment to equal opportunity hiring and employment standards. We are committed to furthering the state's efforts to create a diverse workforce and in meeting the goals set forth in Executive Order 8.
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Employment Services

Manages all recruitment related processes for the State of Delaware. We are responsible for the Delaware Employment Link (the State of Delaware's recruiting system), job counseling, test administration, and application evaluation and selection services.
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Employee Relations

Responsible for maintaining effective confidential communications with agencies and Merit employees statewide. We promote cooperation, problem solving and understanding of personnel policies, the Merit Rules, and sensitive workplace issues. Through our confidential 800 number, Merit employees can call with questions or concerns.
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Labor Relations and Employment Practices

Responsible for maintaining management practices that assure workplace fairness and stability. We address the fundamentals of conducting investigations of misconduct, determining just cause standards, implementing discipline, and managing grievances.
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Statewide Training and Development

Our office is the centralized resource for the education, training and development of State employees and agencies. Courses, certificate programs, consultation, facilitation, and other statewide programs are provided to support the agencies' missions. We have four core areas: Training, Organizational Development, Workforce Planning, and Recognition Programs.
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